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Project Overview @metafity

Metafity - NFT revolution of dating is just around the corner!

Dating in VR Headsets already exists today, but we're making it a part of the METAverse!

Key Features:

Discover and interact

The first dating platform designed from 0 to allow you not only to reach a wider audience, but also get the opportunity to acquire an NFT

Virtual reality

We plan to create a platform where any user can communicate with others using their NFT in virtual reality

Modern dating

The blockchain technology that was used to create the platform has improved the online dating experience with modern features and mechanisms. Get ready! A stream of innovations and exciting experiences awaits you that you have never experienced before

We present to your attention a new dating platform

What is special about our site? All acquaintances take place online using VR glasses.

- Interact with other users of the platform, get acquainted and, perhaps, a continuation awaits you...

- Pretend to be avatars when you meet, simply by wearing virtual reality goggles

- Be one of the first to discover the world of online dating in a modern format

Check our two awesome collection's of NFT

These NFT cards are a true work of art. In the process of creating avatars, we took into account every detail and made sure that they do not resemble each other


Ozgur Ciftci


Alex Miln

CMO/Project Manager


Private Sale- $0.01

Public Sale- $0.02





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