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Project Overview @TheNextWar

THE NEXT WAR - World’s First GameFi combat zone developed with Unreal Engine inspired by Call of Duty. A revolutionary MMO battle royale shooter game in Free-to-Play, Shoot-To-Earn Metaverse.

TNW is not merely a combat zone, also a party zone that allows you to showcase your latest

NFT collectibles across The Sandbox!


THE NEXT WAR is designed to enhance the gaming experience for shooter games enthusiast. Unlock your rare genetic soldiers, gear up with exquisite weapons, enter the battlezone and fight for your future.

- Battle Royale

Soldiers battle each other on a shrinking map to become the last survivors.

The game starts with minimal equipment and ends with glory.

You can play it solo or team with your best friend.

- Guild War

Soldiers need to form or join a guild to participate.

It is a war of guilds fighting to conquer the land, you can join the war and use special robots or tanks to defeat your enemies.

The guild battle once a week, and massive rewards are waiting for you




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