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Project Overview @EverMoon_nft

Evermoon, Thailand's first AAA MOBA game on blockchain, is an Epic 5v5 3-lanes Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game on mobile. Come join forces in the thrilling strategic battles; laning, jungling, pushing and team fighting to gain triumph, PLUS earning real rewards for every match!

Led by an ex-national pro e-sports MOBA finalist and a renowned in-house game studio, Evermoon is striving to become the TOP global MOBA game! This Free-To-Play & Play-And-Earn Game brings a superior experience by offering high quality, rich in-game mechanics from experienced experts crafted by integrating all aspects of MOBA framework with a sustainable & high rewarding tokenomics!

Game development team experience: Home Sweet Home: Survive, Dash Dash World, Free Fire, Lego friend, Khan Kluay, and Nine Satra.

Confirmed Backers: Binstarter, Gemguardian, NFTb, Auxilius, Crypto Cup, Merlion Capital, ABGA, Neolution, MetaverseXR, Dinoland, Xerxia


Stephen Lee ( Auxilius Lab) : Former CMO of Binstarter, Current CMO of Gemguardian NFT Project. Advisors for multiple gaming projects like Monopolist, Meland, Last Survivor, Luna Rush, and Dinoland.

Satean Boonmanant (Founder at Neolution E-sport Thailand and MetaverseXR): Co-Founder of Metaverse Thailand, Current CEO of Neolution E-sport Thailand and Metaverse XR. Advisors for marketing in e-sport industries and applying metaverse to real-world business.

Sarids Leelakasamelerk (Founder & CEO of Crypto Cup): Current CEO of CryptoCup. Advisors for multiple gaming projects like Wirtual and Bluca.

KOL in the many top tier launchpads and VCs such as RedKite&GameFi, Seedify, Daomaker.







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