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Project Overview @EnforcerBattle

Battle Enforcer is Play to Earn battling car game focused on competitive PvP with various of gameplay modes. 🚀Game Modes - BATTLE ROYALE Be the last one standing. Give no mercy on the battlefield. Be the One Force who rises through the chaos. Bet on yourself through all of the challenges in this pool. Beat the game, win the battle, whatever it takes. - DEATH MATCH It’s all or nothing. Winner takes it all, and there’s only one place for winners. Explore your skills and and be the most cunning. Choose your vehicle, get the limited equipment, and enforce your strategy to win. - SEIZE THE TERRITORY It’s an open season, you see them, you grab them, it’s yours. Can you take more than you deserve? Team up to win more,and bring home the bounty. Claim your territory, claim your victory.

- ADVENTURE Be better, and you’ll get better goodies. Level up your Enforcer’s status by unlocking more game features, simply by winning. You win some, you get some more games, you gain more levels. Use whatever you have, whatever it takes. 🦼Vehicles - Tank vehicles will have more health and defense but with bigger hitbox. Skills (Equipments) thats compatible will revolves around tanking damages. This class may have slower movement speed. - Swift vehicles will have higher attack damage but with low health and defense. Skills (Equipments) thats compatible revolves around high damage hits. This class may have higher movement speed.

- Support/utility vehicles will have mediocre stats with lots of support skills (equipments) thats compatible such as stuns and heals. 🗝Key Features - Betting Pool Enforce your best strategy, bet high, for a high return. Bet low for a steady battle pool. Whatever it is, do whatever it takes. - Repair There’s only a few limited vehicles that can’t be destroyed. But worry not, we’ve got your back all the way through victory. Your vehicle will never be a junk, because we’ll do whatever it takes to return it to its glorious shape. - Crafting Level up through your very own taste. Combine your winning vehicle with a killer tank, say no more. You better save your coins for the most savage fusion! - Staking Got a little extra coins? Well, let’s earn some more gems through our privilege airdop, only for winners, for the real Enforcers. Partners and Investors: Shima Capital Excalibur Capital Good Game Guilds Kripto Kurdu Infinity Pad Daostarter Safelaunch etc. Website: Twitter: Telegram:

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