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Project Overview @DwarriorNFT


Dwarrior is the pioneer in bringing the multiverse world into the Three Kingdoms. The game Three Kingdoms was too popular in the market. The context of the Three Kingdoms with battles is very familiar and known to many players over the years. But all the games about the Three Kingdoms that exist are just for fun. Dwarrior looks to the future and pushes the limits of the traditional Three Kingdoms game. We create value for players, community and apply Blockchain technology with new strides. Provide more people with a Blockchain - Game - NFT hybrid platform that allows them to own their characters, items and currencies. Our main goal is to build a long-term development Dwarrior Project, opening an ecosystem that combines the best of Blockchain Game. At the same time, strive to create a united, strong and user-oriented community.


Provide an opportunity for our community to earn money while still enjoying the "PLAY FUN, WIN REAL MONEY" game. Especially for fans of the Three Kingdoms strategy game genre. Not only those who have experience in Blockchain, Dwarrior brings an opportunity for everyone to experience and join the Three Kingdoms world, enjoy emotions and earn easy money. Dwarrior is always with and ready to support players at any time, we aim to create Power of Community and players are always the top priority of the Project. Dwarrior brings Blockchain technology and new developments of the Three Kingdoms Game to long-term access to many people. Our Responsibilities: Create a user-friendly ecosystem, beautiful interface and easy to adopt. Tokenization of generals and items in the game. The form of playing makes money and the player does not have to spend any money. Strong Community, always unite and help each other. Dwarrior is a revenue based model that can be maintained with Dwar value inflation limit.

Game Overview:

Modern game graphics create an interesting experience and players can earn money while still enjoying the "PLAY FUN, WIN REAL MONEY" game. There are thousands of Generals and millions of variably Evolved Items for Player's Choices. Each General has 4 skills and can be matured in a new version, which provides conditions for players to explore many unique strategies.

Game Features:

Gameplay ISG- Dynasty Warrior Game uses the turn-based system popular in the Three Kingdoms strategy game series. The special feature is that the countermeasures between the general systems are very diverse.

PVP- PVP Mode uses their Generals to fight with other players. Players can increase rank, get rewards based on leaderboards every day and every month.

Heroes Skill- Dwarrior has millions of extremely diverse Generals created from Full HD Image Technology. All Generals have realistic and sharp skill effects.

Play To Earn Features

Play To Earn Features provide a way for players to receive benefits, profits and rewards. The first Ecosystem is the DeFi x NFT Game with the difference of Blockchain Technology and Free Play Model to earn and bet. This is the Greatest Digital Platform of Gaming. Our Players don't have to spend any money to get started and they can earn by: Staking Dwar tokens Invite others to play the game Play and win the challenges in the game Collect and trade NFT generals and items on the market NFT Marketplace & Payments: Users can buy and sell NFT assets




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