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Partnerships with AskmeAi

🔈We are super excited to announce as our strategic partner

AskMeAI is a revolutionary blockchain-powered platform that harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to offer detailed and precise insights into the realm of cryptocurrency.

Askmeai enables users to detect ulterior motives behind presaleprojects even before they commence. It aims to prevent fraud among individuals with low crypto literacy who may be vulnerable to scams.Pre-sale projects attract a large following due to their high risk and return potential. To mitigate these risks for users, Askmeai has developed artificial intelligence. This system has a tamper-proof structure, preventing external interventions and and discloses the projects or people who propose to change the score.

AskmeAI is an artificial intelligence-supported scoring platform, a listing platform where projects scanned using artificial intelligence are showcased, a 90-day staking platform for early-stage users, and a comprehensive structure guided by the 'clean crypto' motto, which conducts thorough and holistic evaluations of projects considering every factor.

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